Princess Zelda
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Sorry for the lack of decent pictures for this convention. Maybe it was the traveling, or maybe it was the fact that I haven't been to a FL con in almost 2 years, but I just wasn't feeling it at Metrocon this year. By the time I got to the amazing costumes (Jojo's, Parasite Eve, Black Butler, etc) I was so burnt out from all of the little kids running around, I lost all energy to take any pictures.

I'm going to up my game for AFO for sure, and I hope every picture that I take will turn out amazing. Here's to hoping.

Also, Kumagoro just informed me that I totally skipped over the Megacon pictures. Oops. Expect those later in the week.


The Ladies of Outer Haven will be attending Saturday of Metrocon 2009. Hope to see you all there!